Joyce has over 25 years of experience with our company. She started out as a delivery driver who eventually filled in on sales routes before covering a large portion of our territory in sales and customer service. In 2020 she will become our customer service representative in-store 3 days a week and 2 days on routes.


Angie joined our team in 2016 and she covers a large majority of our sales. She is responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction on her sales route and providing information on all new product launches from the brands we represent. She's known for her bubbly personality and super styling fashion sense. 

Chilli Beauty Crew


Haley has joined our team for 2019 to take up the role as our in-store operations lead. She brings with her a background in store merchandising and inventory, computer science, and a laundry list of hobbies and interests. We're excited to see how Haley grows in her role with the company and what she achieves! 


Lyle has been our trusty delivery driver for over 10 years now. He's definitely a customer favorite and has his regular running jokes with many of his stops. Lyle is a seemingly quiet guy at first, but don't let that fool you! He is definitely the joker on our team. It's rumored Sierra gave him his dream car on his birthday one year - ask him to see it!


Sierra has been the "Leading Lady" for over 10 years now. Our business operation has been in her family for over 30 years, and she's definitely found herself born into it.  She manages the general operations of the business and makes regular ice cream runs for the team. Her passion is hair color and she loves to remain well versed in the latest products & trends!


Hannah joined our team in 2020 as part of our store operations team. She helps process ship orders, maintains our retail environment, merchandises displays and ensures the accuracy of our inventory. Hannah also is known for her sharp wit, love of our shop dog Hektor, and being Haley's sidekick in our beauty business endeavor! 

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plus our Shop Dog....